NCSE Scientist Featured on CTV Canada AM

December 18, 2009

David Blockstein, Senior Scientist at the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE), appeared on CTV Canada AM this morning and provided commentary on the final day of the Copenhagen Climate Conference. Dr. Blockstein emphasized that while nobody could predict the outcome of the climate conference, we do know immediate action is necessary in the context of rising global temperatures and continually rising rates of CO2 emissions. Blockstein emphasized the importance of reaching an agreement to avoid catastrophe.

Dr. Blockstein’s appearance on Canada’s most watched national morning television show followed President Obama’s speech to the delegates in Copenhagen. Blockstein agreed with the President’s statement on the need for monitoring of emissions of all countries, as words and treaties must be backed up by verifiable actions. To date, national emissions continue to rise, regardless of whether they are countries such as Canada that have ratified the Kyoto treaty, countries such as the US that have not, or countries such as China that are not covered. An excerpt of President Obama’s speech and the Blockstein interview can be viewed at:

Dr. Blockstein is the co-author along with Leo Wiegman of The Climate Solutions Consensus, recently published by Island Press. The book places global climate trends into perspective for the average citizen and offers practical and game-changing pathways for climate mitigation and adaptation for business, government, and citizens. It presents 39 reasons why we need to act now to control climate change. It proposes 35 climate actions for immediate consideration, many of which are on the table in Copenhagen this month. The book is based on NCSE’s 8th National Conference on Climate Change: Science and Solutions that brought together over 1,200 research and policy experts in 2008. The ideas, research, and policy options discussed at that conference served as the book's starting point.

The book’s package offers special features designed to help teachers of climate policy courses or citizens involved in developing local climate action plans. NCSE and collaborating experts have prepared a comprehensive website on NCSE’s online Encyclopedia of Earth that offers extra discussions not available in the print version, including illustrations and figures at In addition, every bibliographic reference in the book is accompanied by a hyperlink to the original source from the book’s website at The website also includes links to extra content and NCSE's 8th National Conference on Climate Change: Science and Solutions website.

NCSE and Island Press are pleased to offer a 25% discount off the listed price of US$30 paperback and US$60 hard cover. Use the code 25source on your order form to receive the discount at Island Press’ website at Customers in Europe and the Middle East should contact [email protected] to order the book.

David Blockstein
NCSE Senior Scientist
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