Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program

The Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program's mission is to develop and disseminate
new information and tools to accelerate the conservation of wildlife habitat in the US

Useful Documents

January 2012


Our Nation’s Wildlife Habitat System: Framing Solutions for a More Strategic Approach

WHPRP Recommendations

by conservation leaders at a national dialogue:

“Building an Intelligent U.S. Habitat System in a Changing World”


December 2011




Under-recognized Federal Programs for Habitat Conservation



August 2011

Highlights from Climate Adaptation 2011


October 2010

The Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program released two new program reports:

Completing a Wildlife Habitat System for the Nation is a brief summary of the vision and recommendations by the Program Committee based on WHPRP-sponsored research.

Our Nation's Wildlife Habitats is a synthesis report on the WHPRP research findings and their significance from the first 4 years of the program.

To request either report in print, please email Sarah Chappel ([email protected])


September 2010

The Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program in partnership with the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies held a joint briefing and reception in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the State Wildlife Grants Program on September 15, 2010 at the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, DC.


August 2009

Wildlife Action Plan Coordinators and the Partnerships to Implement State Wildlife Action Plans  meeting was held recently in Boulder, CO. The conference created a forum for fish and wildlife agency coordinators and conservation partners to discuss the obstacles and challenges for implementing State Wildlife Action Plans (SWAPs). To read more about the meeting, navigate to the conferences portion of the website.


April 2009

Adaptation 2009: Safeguarding Fish, Wildlife and Natural Systems in the Face of Climate Change, was recently convened by the Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program and the National Wildlife Federation. The event, which took place February 18-19, 2009 in Washington, DC, was made possible through generous support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and the Walton Family Foundation.

Organized around four major natural systems (Forests, Grasslands/Shrublands, Freshwater Ecosystems and Coasts/Estuaries), Adaptation 2009 aimed to:

1. Demonstrate progress in research, management, and policy approaches to climate
change adaptation for wildlife and natural systems, and identify unmet needs.

2. Identify priority management and policy changes required at national, state and tribal
levels to enable natural resource agencies to address climate change.

3. Develop estimates of the scale of adaptation funding required to safeguard fish, wildlife
and natural systems in a warming world.

4. Connect leading thinkers in conservation practice and science with top experts in climate
impacts and adaptation to foster knowledge sharing and networking.



April 2008

Press Release: The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) announced their second round of awards in its Wildlife Habitat Policy Research Program (WHPRP), a four-year initiative funded by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Awards were distributed to five investigators from diverse institutions who are addressing a range of critical policy questions relevant to accelerating the conservation of critical wildlife habitats in the U.S. Much of the new work focuses on State Wildlife Action Plans that are federally mandated but locally developed and implemented blueprints for wildlife conservation at the state level. To view project abstracts, full project descriptions, and statements of work, refer to individual project links below.

WHPRP 2008 Projects please see the Reports section of the website.

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