Conference & Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

June 24-27, 2014: World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research, Delft, the Netherlands

July 9, 2014: 9th IALE World Congress, Portland, Oregon

August 7th, 2014: “Just Sustainability: Hope for the Commons” , Seattle, Washington


November 18-20: BECC Conference 2013, Sacramento, CA -- abstracts due Apr. 15

November 2-6: APHA's 141st Annual Meeting, Boston, MA 

October 12-19: Preparing Ph.D. Graduates for Climate Change Careers Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO --applications due Feb. 28

September 22-24ACEEE 7th National Conference on Energy Efficiency as a Resource, Nashville, TN

July 21-25: 2013 International Congress for Conservation Biology, Baltimore, MD

July 23-26: SESYNC course on "Teaching Socio-Environmental Synthesis with Case Studies," Annapolis, MD 

July 28- August 3Summer Environmental Workshop: Pedagogy for Self and Planet, Lama Foundation, NM

June 3-7: 2013 International Carbon Dioxide Conference, Beijing, China

June 26-28: InTeGRATE Workshop: Geoscience and the 21st Century, Penn State -- applications due Feb. 22

May 23: "Sustaining Coastal Cities", Northeastern University 

May 16-26: 2013 RMSSN Summer Academy, Moose, WY

May 7-8: NAA Workshop: "Sustainable Diets: Food for Healthy People and a Healthy Planet," Washington, D.C.

May 1-2: UC Santa Barbara Summit on Energy Efficiency

April 22-24World Ocean Council's 2nd Sustainable Ocean Summit, Washington, D.C.

April 14-17: 21st American Trails International Trails Symposium, Scottsdale, AZ

April 13-18: Joint Conference on Genetics and Genomics of Global Health and Sustainability, Singapore

April 12-14: Bard C2C Fellows Training, Lewis & Clark College, Portland, OR

April 11-13: 27th National Conference on Undergraduate Research, La Crosse, WI

April 9-13: Association of American Geographers' Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA

March 27-31: 2013 Pacific Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association (APA), San Francisco, CA 

March 15-17: Bard C2C Fellows Training, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

March 15-16: Life Discovery Conference, St. Paul, MN

March 14: NRC Climate Change Education Workshop, Washington, D.C.

March 1: Colby College Conference on Students as Catalysts for Large Landscape Conservation, Waterville, ME

February 28- March 1: 37th Annual Beyond Sustainability Conference, Tampa, FL

February 22-24: Bard C2C Fellows Training, University of Colorado, Boulder

February 14-18:  AAAS Annual Meeting

February 7-9New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, Kansas City, MO

January 28-30Conference on Climate Change and America's Infrastructure, Arizona State University

January 24-25: IOM Workshop on the Nexus of Biofuels Energy, Climate Change, and Health, Washington, D.C.

January 17-18: CEDD Winter Business Meeting, Washington, D.C.

January 15-17: NCSE's 13th National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment: Disasters and Environment: Science, Preparedness, and Resilience, Washington, D.C.

January 6-10, 2013: 12th AMS Annual WeatherFest, Austin, TX

December 3-7: AGU Fall 2012 Meeting, San Francisco, CA

November 30- December 2: Bard C2C Fellows Sustainability Leadership Workshop, Bard College

November 29-30: COSSA Annual Meeting on Social and Behavioral Science and Public Policy, Washington, DC

November 22-24: Global Environmental Change and Human Security, Marrakech, Morocco

November 15-17: Next Generation Science Standards from Next Steps Institute, Denver, CO

November 13-16: Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

November 12-14: Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference

November 8-10: AAC&U/PKAL Next Generation STEM Learning Conference, Kansas City, MO

November 7-9: 32nd International Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society, Madison, WI

November 4-7: GSA 2012 Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC

October 27-31: APHA Annual Meeting and Expo, San Francisco, CA

October 26-28: C2C Fellows Training, University of Tennessee, Chattanooga

October 24: Pre-ISSOTL Seminar, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

October 18: Tree Canopy Symposium, Washington, D.C

October 16-18:  CEREL 2012 Annual Program Conference, Berkeley, CA

October 15-18: 28th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy, Amherst, MA

October 13-20: Climate Change Research Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO

October 11-15: 2012 SACNAS National Conference, Seattle, WA

October 10-12: Student Conference on Conservation Science, New York, NY

October 9-13: NAAEE 2012 Conference, Oakland, CA

October 8: Extending High-Performance Computing Beyond its Traditional Communities, Chicago, IL

September 30- October 3: NERM 2012 American Chemical Society 38th Northeast Regional Meeting

September 24-26: 2012 GreenGov Symposium, Washington, D.C.

September 6-15IUCN World Conservation Forum, Jeju, Korea

July 31- August 5: PKAL Summer Leadership Institute, Crestone, CO

July 31- August 4: 5th Annual ESP Conference, Portland, OR

July 24-26: Systems, Society, Sustainability and the Geosciences Workshop, Carleton College

July 23-25: EchoEarth International: STREAM Citizen Journalism Institute, Carleston, SC

July 17-22: PKAL Summer Leadership Institute, Crestone, CO

July 17-19: 2012 Environmental Evaluators Network Forum, Washington, DC

July 15-19: CUR Proposal Writing Institute, University of Wisconsin- River Falls

July 15-19: CUR Proposal Writing Institute, University of Wisconsin- River Falls

July 1-7: Summer Environmental Workshop, San Cristobal, NM

June 23-26: CUR Conference 2012: "Leveraging Uncertainty: Towards a New Generation of Undergraduate Research," The College of New Jersey

June 21-24: AESS Conference: "Preparing for Our Environmental Future," Santa Clara, CA

June 21-22: Sea Level Rise Summit, Boca Raton, FL

June 20-21: Secondary Biogenic Coal Bed Natural Gas International Conference, Laramie, WY

June 18-20: CEDD Summer Program Conference, San Jose, CA

June 7: Webinar: "The Big CleanUP: Protecting Our Waters," 1 p.m. EST

June 2-6: "Teaching Environmental Geology" Workshop, Bozeman, Montana 

May 29-31: Climate Adaptation Futures: 2nd International Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2012, Tucson, AZ

May 23EPA Region II Conference, Columbia Law School, NY

May 21-22: National Academy of Sciences Sackler Colloquium: "Science of Science Communication", Washington, DC

May 16-18: National Academies Symposium: "Partnerships, Science, and Innovation for Sustainability Solutions,"webcast 

May 16-18: Greening the Heartland 2012, Indianapolis, IN

May 11-12: Perspectives on Silent Spring, Chatham University

April 30- May 4National Water Quality Monitoring Council's (NWQMC) 8th National Monitoring Conference, Portland, OR

February 1- May 2: National Climate Seminar, Bard College

April 23-24: Environmental Security Conference, Lawrence, KS

April 22-26: NatureServe's Annual Biodiversity Without Coundaries (BWB) Conference, Portland, OR

April 18: EcoReps "Student Sustainability Educators," Webinar

April 17: "Characteristics of Excellence in Undergraduate Research," Webinar

April 14: Communicating Science Symposium, Wellesley, MA

April 6-8C2C Fellows Training Workshops, Oberlin, OH

April 3-5: U.S. EPA Hardrock Mining Conference, Denver, CO

March 30: Healthy Eating in Context: Local Solutions, Global Challenges, Columbia, SC

March 26-29: DIVERSITAS Planet under Pressure Conference, London, UK

March 22-24: 9th Biennial Conference on University Education in Natural Resources, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

March 22: SFF Webinar: Investment in Sustainability is Good for the Economy

March 20-22: JGI Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting, Walnut Creek, CA

March 15: EnvironMentors New Chapter Development Webinar

March 1-2: NPSMA Best Practices Workshop, Tampa, Florida

February 29: 5th Annual Greening Virginia Universities and Colleges Conference, George Mason University

February 24-28: AAG Annual Meeting, NY

February 16: RESCUE Synthesis Report Launch Event, Brussels

February 10-12: C2C Fellows Training Workshops, Athens, GA

February 2-4: 2012 New Partners for Smart Growth Conference, San Diego, CA

January 19, 2012: CAMEL Pre-Launch at NCSE's 12th National Conference, Washington, DC

November 29-December 2, 2011Behavior, Energy and Climate Conference, Washington, DC

November 20-25: UNEP International Wildlife Conference, Norway

November 14-18AAAS 2011 Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC

October 3-7: Water and Health: Where Science Meets Policy Conference, Chapel Hill, NC

October 3-7: UNEP International Summit: Greenbuild 2011, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

October 9-12: AASHE 2011: Creating Sustainable Campuses and Communities, Pittsburgh, PA

October 9-12: Geological Society of American Annual Meeting, Minneapolis, MN

October 12-15: 40th Anniversary Conference North American Association for Environmental Education, Raleigh, NC

October 12-14: Student Conference on Conservation Science, New York

October 14-15Seeding the Future: Farms, Gardens and the Liberal Arts

October 18Sustainability Day 2011, Copenhagen, Denmark

October 19-21: International Greening Education Event, Karlsruhe, Germany

October 21-23: Upcoming Congerence on Environmental Conflict Issues, Burlington, VT

October 22-29: DISCCRS VI: Interdisciplinary Climate Change Research Symposium, Colorado Springs, CO

October 24: Launch of new paper: Building the Climate Change Regime: Survey and Analysis ApproachesWorld Resources Institute, Washington, DC - Call-in #: 712-580-8025, Access Code: 1348825

October 24-27: Air Quality 8, Arlington, VA

October 26-28: 31st International Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society, Spokane, WA

October 26-28: Conference on Animal Welfare Act Compliance in Wildlife Biology, Albuquerque, NM

October 29-November 2: 2011 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting & Exposition

October 29-November 22011 GreenGov Symposium, Washington, DC

November 2-5: EcoSummit, Florida Keys

November 11-12: Ubiquitous Learning: 4th International Conference, Berkeley, CA  

November 14-15: Florida Climate Change Task Force Workshop, Gainesville, FL

September 19-21: World Forum - International Congress and Exhibition, "Natural Cataclisms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization GEOCATACLYSM-2011," Istanbul, Turkey

September 19-21: "Partnering with Beaver in Restoration Design" Workshop, Logan, UT

September 21: C2C/National Climate Seminar

September 23-24: 2011 NorthEast Environmental Studies Meeting, Bard College, New York

September 15: LSC Webinar, Website, & Fall Activities

September 15: A Test of Time: A Tour of Practical Tools and Methods for Post-Inplementation Monitoring (of water)

September 16: Autumn EPA Workshops, Washington, DC 

June 20-23National Health Homes Conference, Denver, CO

June 21-23CEDD Summer Program Conference, Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain, near Burlington, VT -to be followed by AESS conference

June 23-25American Public Health Association Mid-Year Meeting, "Implementing Health Reform: A Public Health Approach," Chicago, IL

June 23-26: Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences (AESS) Annual Meeting: "Confronting Complexity," Burlington, VT

June 4-8: 12th North American Agroforestry Conference: “Agroforestry, A Profitable Land Use,” Athens, GA

June 7-10: International Society for Industrial Ecology 2011 Conference, “Science, Systems and Sustainability,” University of California at Berkeley

June 8: Enhancing Public Engagement in Climate Change, Washington, DC

June 9: National Ocean Council Public Listening Sessions

June 9-10: EPA's National Asthma Forum, Washington, DC 

June 14-15: The New Politics of Water: Water Security and Economic Growth in Emerging Economies, Chatham House, London

May 4: Webinar: Sustainable Consumptuion and Production: Educating, Engaging and Empowering Stakeholders for Low Carbon, Inclusive Growth - 1:15-2:45 PM EST

May 5-6AAAS Forum on Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC

May 6Webinar: Climate Stabilization Targets - 1-2 PM EST

May 6: Live Webcast UNU Seminar: Carbon Tax vs. Carbon Trading, 1:15-2:30 PM 

May 8-1017th Annual International Sustainable Development Research Conference, "Moving Toward a Sustainable Future: Opportunities and Challenges," Earth Institute, Columbia University, NYC

May 8-12Biodiversity Without Boundaries, NatureServe, Lied Lodge, Nebraska City, NE

May 12A Conversation on America's Climate Choices, Washington, DC 

May 14Explore NASA Goddard, Washington, DC

May 14-15: NASA Open House, Pasadena, CA

May 16-18National Workshop on Climate and Forests: Planning Tools and Perspectives on Adaptation and Mitigation Options, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ 

May 27-28: 2nd International Conference on China's Urban Transition and City Planning, University of Cardiff, Wales

June 1-3: Sustainable Remediation Conference 2011: State of the Practice, University of Massachusetts Amherst 

April 24-May 1Workshop - Introduction to Science Filmmaking, University of Washington, WA

April 28The Ecology of Rhode Island: Science and Management of Salt Ponds and Coastal Lagoons, North Kingston, RI

April 27Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE) Webinar, 1:00-2:00 PM EDT

April: C2C/EARTHweeks: Campus Dialogue on Energy, Climate, and Jobs with Congress, contact Eban Goodstein for more information.

April 262011 Food Summit, Washington, DC

April 20: EarthWeeks Webinar: Why We Fight, contact Eban Goodstein for details

April 15-18Powershift 2011, Washington DC 

April 12-16: Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA

April 12: Energy Policy: Powering the Economic Recovery, Washington, DC

April 11-12, 18-19Climate Literacy and Energy Awareness Pathway workshop "Teaching Energy Awareness," Webinar

April 4Environmental Justice Luncheon, Philadelphia, PA

April 5-7: Virtual Career Fair

April 6Deepwater Drilling: Recommendations for a Safer Future, Washington, DC 

April 7Can Greater Use of Economic Analysis Improve Regulatory Policy at Independent Regulatory Agencies?Washington, DC

March 30-31: Biological Ecological Sciences Coalition Congressional Visits, Washington, DC - Contact David Blockstein

March 30The Atlantic's Technology in Education, Washington, DC

March 28-29National Symposium: Facilitating Interdisciplinary Research and Education, Boulder, CO

March 24-259th Annual New York State Green Building Conference, Syracuse, NY

March 20-25: Fifth International Marine Debris Conference, Honolulu, HI

March 22-24Genomics of Energy and Environment, 6th Annual DOE JGI User Meeting, Walnut Creek, CA

March 22-23George Washington University Law School Symposium: Environmental Governance at the Leading Edge of Technology, Washington, DC

March 22-23SustaiNext Summit: Stimulating Regional Relationships, Drexel University 

March 21DC Environmental Film Festival: Pulitzer Center Water Films, Washington, DC

March 11-16Resilience, Innovation and Sustainability: “Navigating the Complexities of Global Change,” Arizona State University

March 9Growing Green in a Crowded, Carbon-Constrained World, Washington, DC

March 2: "World Population, Female Education, and Sustainable Development," Washington, DC

February 25"Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Alliances with Industry," National Professional Science Master’s Association Best Practices Workshop, Baltimore, MD

February 24: GHGMI Webinar: Towards Robust, Global Greenhouse Gas Monitoring, 12noon EST

February 12-20Research Tour: Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development in Cuba, Global Exchange 

February 16: China/EPA - Avoiding the Suicide Pact, contact Eban Goodstein for call information

February 14: 2012 Federal Research & Development Budget Briefing, Washington, DC - live web coverage

February 8-102011 Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference, BlueGreen Alliance Foundation and UNEP, Washington, DC

February 7: Innovation Debate - Cut or Invest: What's the Best Way to Grow Our Economy?, Washington, DC 

February 4-6: Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research workshop, Council on Undergraduate Research, Stetson University, DeLand, FL 

February 3-510th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: Building Safe, Healthy, and Livable Communities, Charlotte, NC

February 2-4Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Rome, Italy

January 20National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology Public Meeting, Washington, DC

January 20: Education Opportunities in NASA STEM (EONS) Workshop, Washington, DC

January 22: CEDD Winter Business Meeting, Washington, DC

January 19-2111th National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment: Our Changing Oceans, Washington, DC

January 13, 2011: EPA Webcast: Federal Resources and Support for Climate Change Adaptation

December 26-31, 2010Arava Trans-Boundary Eco-Tour, Israel, Jordan, and West Bank

December 15: EPA Webcast: Adaptation Planning and Implementation, 2-3:30pm EST

December 8-9: Stakeholders Conference, "Responses to Environmental & Societal Challenges for our Unstable Earth" (RESCUE), Antwerp, Belgium

December 3 & 6: NASA Innovations in Global Climate Change Education Funding Opportunity Workshops, nationwide

November 30 - December 2Partners in Environmental Technology Technical Symposium & Workshop, “Meeting DoD’s Environmental Challenges,” Washington, DC

November 26-27: 5th National Conference in Human Ecology, “Keeping Human Ecology Moving, Human Ecologists Engaging,” UP Los Banos, College, Laguna, Phillipines

November 19-21Beginning a Research Program in the Natural Sciences at a Predominantly Undergraduate Institution, Grand Rapids, MI

November 18Webinar: Greenforce in Virginia, Jobs for the Future and National Wildlife Federation, 2pm EST

November 17Renewable Natural Resources Foundation’s Congressional Forum on Assessing America’s Renewable Energy Future, Washington, DC

November 15 - December 3Online Course, “Effectively Communicating about Climate and Energy,” University of Colorado Continuing Education

November 15-19AAAS Leadership Seminar in Science and Technology Policy, Washington, DC

November 15: The Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources and Water Infrastructures: Mitigation and Adaptation at the Local Level, Staunton, VA

November 14-17: Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference, Sacramento, CA

November 14-1720th American Trails National Symposium, Chattanooga, TN

November 10, 2010Webinar, “Educating Students for Sustainability: Case Studies from Around the Country”

November 8-9: Climate Change Leadership Summit, Washington, DC

November 6-10American Public Health Association 138th Annual Meeting and Exposition, Denver, CO

November 5World Wildlife Fund's Kathryn Fuller Science for Nature Symposium, "Solving the Mystery of MPA Performance," Washington, DC

November 3-5CEREL Program Conference at NREL: New Approaches to Energy Solutions, Golden, CO

November 3-5Student Conference on Conservation Science (SCCS-NY), American Museum of Natural History, New York City

November 3-5Renewable Ocean Energy & the Marine Environment: Responsible Stewardship for a Sustainable Future, Florida Atlantic University, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

November 3-5Student Conference on Conservation Science, American Museum of Natural History, New York City

November 3-530th Annual International Symposium of the North American Lake Management Society, "The Water Cycle: Managing the Challenges in Water Resources," Oklahoma City, OK

November 1-4: 2010 National Training Conference on the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) and Environmental Conditions in Communities, Washington, DC

October 31-November 3Geological Society of America’s Annual Meeting, “Reaching New Peaks in Geoscience,” Denver, CO

October 27-29: International Greening Education Event 2010, Karlsruhe, Germany

October 26-27: The Atlantic’s 2010 Green Intelligence Forum, Washington, DC

October 21-23New England Environmental Education Conference, Fairlee, VT

October 20: PERC Fall Conference, “Building a Sustainability Community in Pennsylvania,” State College, PA

October 20: Webcast, UNU Worldwide in New York Series, “Ranking is not Enough: Measuring University Performance"

October 15-16: 2010 Keck/PKAL National Colloquium, “Transformative Change in STEM Education,”Washington, DC

October 15-24: Study Trip to Chernobyl - Implications for the Future Energy Economy, Ukraine

October 14-15Ecology and Education Summit: Environmental Literacy for a Sustainable World, Washington, DC

October 10-12AASHE 2010 Conference, “Campus Initiatives to Catalyze a Just and Sustainable World,” Denver, CO

October 10-17Workshop, Science Filmmaking at Bodega Bay Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay, CA