Education & Careers

The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) conducts programs to increase the number and quality of people capable of bringing science to bear on today's critical environmental challenges. We aim to support and build the capacity of:

  • Scientists capable of addressing environmental problems in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary manner
  • Environmental professionals who bring a holistic approach to environmental challenges
  • Individuals who can communicate technical knowledge in a manner that non-specialists can understand
  • Citizens and policy makers who appreciate the value of science and are prepared to be guided by it to the extent that it is relevant
  • Traditionally under-represented groups in environmental fields, and so tapping the latent talent of people in every community


  • University Affiliate Program which aims to adance environmental education, research and funding at over 150 member colleges and universities across the United States. Affiliated schools range from large private and public research institutions to smaller liberal arts institutions.

    The Affiliate Program includes the Council of Environmental Deans and Directors (CEDD) - a group of leading environmental faculty at affiliated schools working to improve the quality, stature and effectiveness of interdisciplinary academic environmental programs. Projects and initiatives include curricula development, tenure and career development of faculty, student career paths, and advocating for better funding for environmental programs.

  • Council of Energy Research and Education Leaders (CEREL), a group of leaders in energy research, education and communication at university-based energy centers and program as well as national laboratories and related research units. CEREL works to enhance the contributions of energy research and education to the challenges facing society, advance energy research and improve collaboration across energy fields, advocate for greater funding of academic energy research and education, and inform and elevate the national debate about energy.
  • EnvironMentors is a national college access program preparing high school students from underserved communities for college degree programs and careers in environmental and related fields. Through one-to-one mentoring relationships with environmental professionals, faculty and college students, the high school students gain valuable field experience and research, critical thinking and writing skills by developing environmental science research projects. EnvironMentors also coordinates college preparation courses, supports college admissions, and provides scholarships to facilitate students’ entry into science and environmental college degree programs.